Megan Gorelick Interiors provides full-service residential and commercial interior design by offering a broad array of services and products. These range from assistance with the purchasing and placement of furniture and accessories to full-scale design of interior space, from inception of architectural drawings to final buildout and installation. Her projects include sprawling beach homes, elegant suburban and city residences, and functional work spaces.

In order to offer exceptional design services personally tailored to a client’s individual needs and dreams, Megan consults closely with her clients from the earliest stages of a project. This enables her to guide the design process and identify a team to best meet the client’s specific needs, be it architectural and/or project management. Megan recognizes that managing all the technical details of a design project – quality control, effective communication, and detailed documentation – can be stressful. Taking this stress away from her clients is precisely why Megan likes to be involved in most phases of design development – she wishes to make the process collaborative and fun. Megan and her team guide clients through the entire process from breaking ground to the last picture hung.