Megan Gorelick Interiors is a full-service interior design firm located in Wilmington, DE, with projects spanning the east coast from studio apartments in New York to estate homes in Florida. With more than 10 years of design experience, Megan Gorelick has become recognized for her coastal projects, especially in Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ. While the size and scope of her projects vary, her sweet spot is ground-up construction and full renovations.

Megan specializes in clean, classic interiors infused with style, comfort, and whimsy. The design process starts with a visit to Megan’s studio where the clients get to know the MGI team and review the well-honed systems she has in place that ensure each project runs smoothly. Their precise attention to detail and long-standing industry relationships save her clients a great deal of time, money and effort. She credits her subcontractors, vendors, builders, artisans and incredible team at MGI for the success of her projects. Her goal is to create homes for her clients that meet their needs, reflect their personalities and enhance their everyday lives while making the process a fun and fulfilling experience.

Full of charm and wit, Megan keeps clients laughing with her unique lingo: she may ask you a “Q,” give you a “jingle,” and need to “jouz” a few things. She does whatever it takes to keep the process moving and make things happen without getting feathers ruffled.

Megan’s devotion to personal and business development remains a top priority for her. She has many “gurus” she consults with, is a devoted listener of podcasts, and believes that everyone needs a mentor and needs to be a mentor. As a member of The Design Leadership Network and Design Trust Ltd., Megan enjoys traveling nationally and internationally to design shows and conferences throughout the year to stay on top of trends within the industry from both a design and business perspective. She loved attending Kravet’s National Design Educational Experience in New York City and, most recently, in Florence, Italy.

Being the youngest of six children, Megan is obsessed with family and takes pride in understanding her clients’ family dynamics, which is reflected in creating environments that serve everyone’s needs. Megan is married to David Gorelick and together they have three beautiful daughters, Bailey, Bryn and Lilly. Megan and David live in Wilmington, DE, and spend their summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.